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Simply enter your data, indicate what kind of electro you want to perform and your phone / tablet will guide you step by step.
Allaws you to perform electrocardiograms in less than 1minute with a professional signal of 2000 sps.
No wires, no patches, no gel, no paper... iCardio is extremely  simple and light and small to carry in a pocket. 
iCardio connects with Bluetooth and represent the electro graph on your Smartphone or Tablet.
Pocket and professional electrocardiograph.
iCardio App will guide you thriugh all the process
En In few minutes a fully professional diagnostic send it to you
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Since now to perform an ECG you had to do it at a health center.
Now with iCardio will be the electrocardiograph who goes where you are

iCardio is the world smallest professional electrocardogram

Once the test is done, send it to your doctor or our medical call center so that we can send you the diagnosis and, in case of urgent pathology, we will call you immediately.
 iCardio is the smallest professional electrocardiograph that fits in any pocket. Make an electro anywhere, anytime.
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No limits to ECG diagnosis
anytime, anywhere, everybody.

Wireless and ease of use, even by non-specialized personnel, allows ECG 1, 4 and 12 led electros with a recording time of less than 1 minute.

• With reliable and immediate diagnostic capacity, applicable even in large population volumes, where early detection is a determining factor.
• It transmits the images and records via Bluetooth to the APP installed on Smartphone or Tablet and automatically connects to our server where, if desired, in addition to our specialized Call Center, the ECG report is issued, with full medical guarantee.

Diagnostic can be sent in a matter of minutes both in PDF or file and can be integrated into the client's computer systems in an automated way or even to access a personal download portal in the cloud.
iCardio is a Universal application solution, valid for Hospitals, Home Care Services, Ambulances, Sports Clubs, Colleges, the chronically pacients ...