TeleHealth Devices mission, is to universalize cardiological control of the population, so that anywhere and at any time, without the need for a specialist, you can perform an Electrocardiogram (ECG) and get your cardiology report with absolute medical guarantee.
 Telehealth is a Telemedicine company specialized in:
 - Solutions based on cardiology telemedicine
- i-Cardio® system validated by The European Academy of Science (EAS).
- New systems applied to other medical fields (ultrasound, dermatology, etc.).
- Possibility of developing products for third parties.

Telehealth Devices

Telehealth has had an extensive R&D&I in which different leading specialists in its segment have participated, both in the design and in the validation and certification of iCardio.
iCardio Suite is a solution composed of the eletro unit, the capture and send app, iCardio Server as a Backoffice tool for storage and distribution of data as well as management in the processing of diagnostics.


Blue Horizon Projects.

Partner Reseller Premium approved for distribution and implementation nationally and internationally, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga.


World Sant Net

Island distributor for the Canary Islands with offices in Barcelona and Tenerife.


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Technological Partners & Certifications

Business Partners

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