Electro device unit


The revolutionary tele-medical system that delivers a fully professional ECG report in less than 3 minutes. Your 24/365 personal cardiologist.

i-Cardio allows public and private institutions to implement universal prevention policies in order to detect potential cardio pathologies and to divert patients to the cardiologists. This will strongly reduce chronical diseases and sanitary costs.


The ECG capturing unit charges wireless on its deck (by induction) and just in two hours. The battery allows about 200 ECG.


Extremely simple use:

Just press the ON/OFF botton and place the device on the positions shown at the App. Follow the App’s guide steps. The sound, light and vibration signals will help you during the process.

Anyone can use it and at any time and place.

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The world's smallest ECG professional recorder


The Big Data created by our system will help to implement prevention policies and to better know the cardio-health of our population.
The system’s low cost will allow to extend the cardio control to all the population, starting from children at an early stage, whose friendly and simple process will eliminate children’s stress and rejection to perform the test.

Benefits for end- users and/or patients:


- Any one can use it (not only doctors)

- Ergonomic design and simple process

- 24/7 - 365 days Service

- Take ti everywhere on your pocket. - No need to laydown on a stretcher

- No need to undress

- No need extra element like gel, paper, etc.


Create a patient file, select the kind of ECG you want to perform (1, 4 or 12 Led electro) and place the device 10 seconds on each of the showed positions on the app.

I addition you can add text and voice notes information and even attach pictures to help to deliver a more acurate diagnostic.

ECG can be preview on the mobile app screen for pre-checking.

Finally, you also have the option to press SEND and our call center will return you a fully fiagnostic report in less than 10 minute. in addition in case of an emergency a voice channel will be connected immidiatly to you.


Tecnical features

- ECG of 1, 4 and even 12 leds in about 1 minut.

- ECG report sent to you or other person (e.g. your doctor) in less than 10 minutes.

- Immediate Voice Channel in case of emergency

- Resolution: 2.000 sps (samples per second).

- 4 stainless steel electrodes without cables.

- Device wireless charging (by inducction).

- Autonomy battery for about 200 ECG.

- Aplication validated fot Android and iOS.

- ECG previews on the mobile device aplication (phone/tablet).

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